Beauty in Death

Black and white photograph of dead flowers in an empty whiskey bottle.
© 2018 Ira Gardner

My wife was about to throw out these flowers that had died but I couldn’t let them go without making a photograph first.  The texture and patterns of the dried out bouquet were beautiful. I feel gratitude for the beauty that exists at all stages of life and death.

Art, Architecture, and Ideas

Black and white photograph of the Palace of Fine Arts columns reflecting in the pond at this San Francisco Landmark.
Palace of Fine Arts reflecting in the lagoon. ©2018 Ira Gardner

A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco with my wife and we spent an early morning walking around the Palace of Fine Arts.  As I watched people interact with the space I was thinking about the role art and architecture have on our ideas of community and social justice.  On the one hand these faux ruins that represent Greek and Roman empires of long ago could give me a sense of power and might but on another it is a reminder of a time where philosophical debate about the needs of the many versus the needs of the few occurred. 

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Primordial – An Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Primordial – Upcoming Solo Exhibition by Ira Gardner at the Richmond Art Collective Gallery in Spokane, Washington.

This upcoming solo exhibition of photographs by Ira Gardner  presents an intersection of Neoplatonism and Zen art practices as a means of re-imagining a harmonious relationship between humans and nature within a framework of universal equality.

“This is the most important body of work to me in the last 30 years.” ~ Ira Gardner