Remembering Those Who Have Passed

Photograph of Three white anthurium photographed at the Hilo Botanical Garden in March of 2018.
“Remembering Three Who Passed”  Digital Photograph by Ira Gardner  2018
In the last month I have lost three people who were dear to me. A close friend’s aunt, another friend’s sister, and finally a man who was like a father to me.  This morning when I found out that Tom had passed I was overwhelmed with the cumulative emotion of the losses and had to find this image of white anthurium that I made in Hilo this past March.


Sailing Through Rough Waters

Black and white photograph of a boat sailing through sunlight on half moon bay in california.
Composite digital photograph by Ira Gardner

Yesterday I reworked an image from Half Moon Bay taken in 2012 by adding a sailboat from an image made in Los Angeles from 2009.

My current composite photographic work is about synthesizing time and distance into symbolic representations of the wisdom that is attained through  life experiences and a process of self reflection.

Seemingly random moments become the patterns that have shaped my life and, upon looking back, make perfect sense and fill me with tremendous gratitude.