Dance: A Celebration of Human Expression

Vytal Movement Dance Company member Lauren Hovick. Photograph by Ira Gardner © 2020.

Over my more than 30 years of experience as a professional photographer dance has emerged as one of the most significant subjects in my work.  To me the image of human bodies in rhythmic motion within a finite space is a portrayal of the deepest emotional essence of a human being.  

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In search of beauty in Math and Art

Cell phone journal image taken 1/9/2018 while walking back to my studio from the Fed Ex store where I was shipping artwork to a customer.

This week for me was about thinking about creativity and identifying what photography has in common with drawing and painting.  By exploring the way in which a drawing provides simplicity, value, and the camera provides framing I was able to see where these three elements address every design element.

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Autumn Leaves: A Prayer

Photo of Oak leaves floating on water.
“A Prayer For The Fallen ”  Digital Photograph by Ira Gardner 2018

Reports of pipe bombs and the mass shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue yesterday dominate my thoughts today and bring me to my emotional knees in sorrow.

When the daily news is too heartbreaking to bear I am reminded of what Ansel Adams once said… “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

I made this image in downtown today while on a quiet walk with with my wife.  It is the warmth of her hand and the beauty of Autumn that restores my spirit.

Ira Gardner
Spokane, WA

Curdle: Mixed Media Artwork by W. B. Fontenot

Mixed media artwork of a silhouetted man in a suit with derby hat holding a yellow umbrella against a bright blue background.
“The Shadow of Information”   6’x6’ Mixed Media on Wood Panel  by W.B. Fontenot, 2013

This collection of work draws upon contemporary socio-political memes that are percolating in the public consciousness and gives voice to a dialectic through the creation of an ‘everyman’ character who is navigating a mediated technological landscape that seems to obfuscate the political ideology of conformity while promoting the perception of personal freedom.